Sunday, January 30, 2011

Maybe It's Time For Change

So I'm changing my hair to look exactly like this.
Okay I'm totally kidding, but if I were to do something drastic, it would be this.
Anywho, I haven't blogged in a good while so this on may be pretty lengthy. I have started a new semester in school which = new classes. My schedule consists of 1. Chemistry 2. US Histroy 3. Musical Theatre & 4. Theatre II. Pretty sweet deal, minus the whole Chemistry thing yeah, no idea why I took that.

Hmm, musical auditions for Moby Dick! The Musical are tomorrow, I am still debating on my song choice, awesome. It will either be this or the "mama" section of this. Which one do you like best? And Yes, I do realize these are both Glee versions, but hey don't judge.

Also I have to do a "music video" for Firework by Katy Perry tomorrow for Musical Theatre. This includes creating our own choreography which is not my greatest field of work. Meh.

La di da di daaaa.

My cousin Morgan and I have a matching pair of footie pajamas. Check it.

That's pretty much about it. Oh and I am grounded for 2 months, never been grounded before so let's see how that goes. It's a pretty long story but the key concept is rebellion is never the answer my children. Ever.

Oh and I forgot to mention,

Friday, January 21, 2011

You're In My Veins

And I cannot get you out.

Today was my 2nd period exam. Spanish III. Yuck.
I wasn't expecting to do very well and my prediction was correct. 71. Ugh, that's the worst I have ever done on an exam! Oh well, I will still pass the class with an 83 or so. Good enough for me.
Yesterday I had my Medical Science exam, which I passed with an 89. I was stoked. I want to become a Pediatric Nurse when I graduate college. Hopefully my aspirations will become reality. I believe I can do it, even though it's a lot of work.
Hope you all have a delightful weekend! I will be at school tomorrow until 11:45 taking my Algebra II EOC. Wish me luck!


Monday, January 17, 2011

So Here's The Dealio

Blogger is being a complete punk right now. It isn't letting me upload the pictures I want, and place them how I want them. Boo :(

But today I am going ice skating with my youth group. I absolutely love ice skating. Although I may break something while attempting to skate, it will be worth it. The last time I went ice skating was in 2009! Woah, that's weird to say. 2 years ago, man oh man that has flown by quick!

Yesterday was Sunday and my cousin Morgan came home with me after church. We had ourselves a little picture day. Alltogether we snapped about 155 photos! Crazy, right? Well I will only post a very few of those, whenever my computer lets me do so. Fingers crossed that it will turn up soon enough!

Adios bloggers!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

We were strangers when we met

And we were strangers when you left.

Baggy Beauty Shirt, Red Leather Satchel & Sheer Flowered Tights : f21
Aqua Vintage Skirt: Thrift Store
Aqua Guess Watch : Belk
Black Oxfords : Ross
So finally these pictures stayed up on here! Goodness I had the worst time uploading them. Sorry this blog is so long, I couldn't organize well. :(
Anyways. Today was my first day back at wonderful high school. Exams begin on Thursday and knowing me, I am never prepared. ( or so I think ). I don't have much to say today.
Goodnight bloggers.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Past Is A Teacher That Finally Taught Me Something

Hey there, how ya doin' there, hey. (:

So sorry for not blogging lately, I've been at my sister's all week whose computer won't let me upload pictures. It hates blogger for some reason. No fun. Anyways, for this entire past week I have been stuck at home. No school or anything. We had "Snowmaggedon" as my friend Chris likes to call it. I'm not sure if I even spelled that right. You get the point though, right?
On the 11th of this month, I made a pledge to God that I was going to successfully do a Daniel Fast. For those who don't know what it is, you fast for 21 days from all sugar, meats, dairy, caffeine, and yeast. Only fruit, veggies, whole grain, and water are allowed. You would think it's not too bad, but you have no idea how difficult it is driving by all the fast food places as they mock you from behind. "Eat Kelsey, we're fatty, and sugary, and gooooooood." Ugh, it is a challenge, but will be so worth it. As a part of this fast, I have to make my own dinners when at my sister's house, since she knows not of what I can and cannot eat. Now, I am not the world's greatest cook, by any means, but I did manage to make this lovely dish.
It includes : Whole grain spaghetti, steamed carrots, broccoli, and spinach-I love veggies!
It was actually really, really good.
A proud chef I am(:

 My sister actually has a 6 month little baby named Cole Parker Engleka, who I love to death. That boy is the sunshine in my life. One smile and you melt. He just know learned how to sit up by himself, so cute right?

Until I write again,

Monday, January 10, 2011

Someday my pain will mark you

Harness your blame, and walk through.

Today was a snow day. It was pretty fantastical. I said in my previous blog that Caitlyn was coming over, but that plan sadly backfired. Her madre wanted her to stay home. It's understandable, since we recieved 6 inches of snow last night! For those of you who live up north, that may not sound like much. But we southernors don't see snow very often. This is a big thing for us. Since Caitlyn did not come over, I had to take pictures of myself, by myself. Therefore, they are not very good. So sorry about that.
Obviously, Petey dog loves the snow.
Mi casa(:
And with that, I conclude my snow day adventure. Oh and it's still snowing, crazy right?
-Indulge in something you've never tried before. You might suprise yourself. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

This Is The Thing

Concord, Nc is expecting at least 6 inches of snow tonight.
Right on final exam week; awesome.
But hey, it's snow right? Anyways, I live in the midst of nowhere which means I already get poor internet connection out here. Plus a blizzard tomorrow? Yeah, that's not going to happen for me. So I will most likely not be on blogger for the next 3 or 4 days. Depending on the "snow damage." Ugh, this will be interesting. But on the bright side, Caitlyn (one of my very best friends) is driving over here as I type to stay snowed in with me. Yay! I love company. There will be pictures of us playing in the snow, that is a guarantee. Oh, and I went to a party last night. It was a goodbye party for my best friend Samantha who is moving to Michigain. It is a said occasion, but never the less we had a ball! I will fill you in on that once I have more time, but Caitlyn should be here any minute, and my room is a disaster! That's me for you, captain procrastinator. Well bloggers, have a lovely next couple of days. Treat yourself to something nice.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One, Two, Three, Four

Tell me that you love me more.

Evening bloggers,
I just arrived home from church. which was just lovely, and am currently listening to my grooveshark. I love that little website.

So in my previous blog, I promised a post about Western Caroline University. Well, here it is.
This is their band. Their crazy, insane, awesome band.
This is what I pulled up to when I arrived.

Western Carolina, or WCU is the college that I plan on going to. I visited for the very first time during marching band season last summer for a competition. I instantly fell in love, from pulling in the parking lot, to marching onto the field, to staring at awe at their amazing stadium, and watching their insanely awesome band perform. I want to become a nurse, and luckily they have a pretty fantastic nursing school there. Also I can still do colorguard with their band! If you didn't watch the Rose Parade on New Years, then you missed out. Why may you ask? WCU's marching band marched in it! They were one of the 18 bands chosen throughout the entire world to perform! How wicked is that?! As well as marching in the parade, Western was voted "favorite band" at the event! Keep in mind now, this was only their first time going to Cali. for the parade. How crazy? Did I mention that they have 2 drumlines? That's right, 2.
Besides the band, the rural area of Cullowhee, NC ( & yes, that is a real place) is just adorable. Yes, the temperature reaches lows of about 12degrees in the winter, but I could easily bare it. It's about 6 hours from Concord, which is still relatively close for the parents sake, but far enough for me to actually breathe on my own lol.

Gah, how beautiful is this?
This video is actually their show from this year. I saw it live, so youtube videos do no justice for me anymore, but if you can just imagine how loud their video is, then times that by about 500. There ya go. Haha.
Amazing? I believe so(:


Nobody Can Steal Your Dreams.

Last summer I began a new hobby and it soon became the greatest thing I've ever experienced. Colorguard.
August 2-13, I was stuck at school from 7am-6:30pm all day, spinning my flag, tossing my rifle, and sweating like a fat pig. Literally, it would get up to about 100degrees at around 12pm everyday. Oh and did I mention I spent my 16th birthday at band camp? Yep, I did. Anyways, I miss colorguard so much. Now that football season is over, and competitions are done with, I have nothing to do with my spare time. This is a little presentations of the memories made throughout my new endeavor.

This was taken during the first week of band camp, excuse my messy messy hair, but I think it is a pretty awesome picture! Love my trumpet/baritone players in the backround (:
This was on the way to my very first football game!  I was a nervous wreck! So nervous. To the right is Bethany Hunter or known in the guard as "grandma bethany." She is so strong even though she's been through so much this year. & I love her. Behind us making that obnoxious face is my best fweeen, Samantha. Enough said. (:
This was on the way to WCU otherwise known as Western Carolina University. In order to get there at our performance time, the entire band held a giant sleepover at the school. Girls in the library, boys in the band room. It was intense. Right after the football game, we stayed up to about 11:45pm, then woke up at exactly 3am! The drive there was around 6 hours. We slept the entire way there, until we woke up at Bojangles for breakfast. Never the less, it was amazing. I would wake up at 3am anytime for that wonderful college.
These are my double swing flags. Swing flags have like normal silks, but only have 2 foot poles. Simple as it may look, you can get tangled up in these in a heart beat. This was my favorite song in the show. The ballad. So beautiful. It made my captain's mom cry. In fact, I almost cried while performing it!
This is Haley, she's one of my closest friends on the guard. No one will ever understand how wierd we are together. Love her to deathhhh (:
Oh, and I forgot to mention how beautiful Western is. It's in Cullowhee, NC aka: the middle of nowhere.
I am going to be doing a post on it later today, so keep looking for new posts! Oh, and that's their marching band. Beast, purely beast.
And these, well these are my girls(:
We had just gotten back from our very first 1st place competition. And by first place, I mean in every catagory. It's moments like these that make all the hard work worth while. Mrs. Audridge (our instructor) brought us these yellow roses and quoted "Some roses for my flowers."
Crying tears of joy, we all came in for a group hug. I love band.

Can't wait for the 2011 season! Go Trojans!


Monday, January 3, 2011

New dawn, new day, new life.

So in February I will be visiting my orthodontist for the only kind of thing you visit an orthodontist for...braces. I am so not looking forward to this. At all. I hope that I can at least look decent with braces. I will have them for 1-2 years which means that I will not get them off until I'm 18. So not fair. Also, I will have to take senior pictures with them. Gah, please mom; let me get invisiline. For those who have had braces, any advice? I have made my mind up that I will keep chewing gum. Forever and ever. Gum sustains me during extremely boring classes and without it, I would probably burst into oblivion. Not fun whatsoever. Girls can sometimes pull off the metal mouth look, but I love love loooove it when guys have them. Supa cute I think.

Lovely Lovely Pictures

"School stereotypes: band geek" by Nicola Jade on "dress up for last day of school"

I absolutely adore this girl, and ALL of her cutie outfits.
You can find more of Nicola's looks at

Sunday, January 2, 2011

These boots are made for walkin'

Long sleeve mouse shirt - f21
Urban Cowboy Boots - Belk
This is one of my favorite shirts ever. Seriously, I would wear it all day every day. I love comfy long sleeve t's. Favorite.
This is the outfit that I wore to church tonight. I was in av (audio/visual department) doing what I do, along with my bestest friend J'waye. He is the bomb dig. I do believe he is starting a mens fashion blog soon, so keep your eyes peeled !

We should be lovers, and that's a fact.

We could steal time, just for one day. We could be heros forever and ever.

That right there would be one of my favorite songs/quotes ever. It is from Moulin Rouge (:
If you have not seen the movie, it is currently at Target for $4.50, go buy it ! Or not, you could just go rent it; either way watch it some how. If you click this you can watch my favorite clip from the movie, well they are all my favorite scenes, but you get my jist. Ewan McGregor is my ideal man.

Today I went to church, New Life Church of Jesus Christ, and it was lovely. My sunday school teacher/best friends' mom made delicious brownies and cookies. Oh and there were also mini blueberry muffins. They were extremely yummy ! Oh how I love going to church. Today we made New Years resolution lists.
For me they are :
1. Read Proverbs
2. Win 3 souls to God
3. Write a blog of my life throughout this year
4. Read through all Jane Austen books
5. Meet at least 5 new people at each church camp I attend

What are you resolution(s )?
Miss. Rae

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Girls Night / Christmas Break Photos

Can't you just tell how talented I am at making cupcakes? Not.
Oh well, they were pretty tasty if I do say so myself.
Morgan on the other hand, is pretty beast; coloring her icing. Oh you fancy huh?
Also on my Christmas Break, my sister tested out her new Dutch Oven by making a pot roast. It was muy deliciouso. How 'bout that plating? 
Also, my adorable nephew Cole Parker tried carrots for the very first time. Obviously, he liked them.
"Why so serious?"

Goodnight bloggers,
Miss. Rae

My oh my, you're so good lookin'

but who are you when I'm not lookin'?

 "Bonjour" Sweatshirt: Forever 21
Jean Skirt: Belk
Black "Oxfords": Marshalls
Polka Dot Socks: Target
I bought this sweater, along with another one, last night at the infamour Forever 21. If you did not know already, this is my favorite of all stores. I fell in love with this sweatshirt instantly, and luckily it was only $17 ! I love bargains, hence the reason I am always shopping at Forever 21. 

Bring it on 2011

I honestly cannot believe I have lived through a decade already. I feel ollllld. Even when I say "man that was like 10 years ago" it feels weird! My news years resolution, as you already have read, is to write this blog and make it as successful as possible. I apologize for the lack of pictures I have put up. I have taken a great deal, but I am currently residing at my sister's house. Her mack has no place for a camera memory card, and I left my chord at home. Boo. I hope you are still interested in these blogs though. Have a wonderful beginning of the new year bloggers!

Miss. Rae