Saturday, February 19, 2011

Let Your Glory Come Down

This weekend was a very fun one to say the least. It was our youth groups' WYR, or Winter Youth Retreat.
We left at 12noon Friday afternoon and the ride there seemed like it lasted foreverrrr! Literally, it was painful. Once we got there we had like an hour tops to get ready, SO NOT GOOD. So we are all rushing to get ready in our tiny bathroom, which was legitimately smaller than my closet. Anyways, in the midst of all the madness it was brought to my attention that I would be speaking a testimony infront of the entire congregation! I was so, so, so nervous. The whole time before service I felt and looked like I was about to vomit. Luckily when service started the spirit of God moved right on in and took away my stress. The service was amazing! The message was "The Net Works" preached by Pastor Acres. I just love his teachings.

After service finished at 11:30 pm ( I know, super late ), we walked back across the street to our rooms and got ready for all night bowling! We had a ton of fun and bowled until around 1:30am. We soon got really tired and headed back to the hotel. We gained energy somewhere in between this transition and decided to head to the beach. It was freezing. We stayed for about 45 minutes and then bailed. Oh and we found these lovely "Face In A Hole" things, of course we took pictures in them! We ended up falling asleep around 3:30am.
Wearing J'waye's hat, he ran into the ocean. Idiot.
We woke up the next morning at 9am and met with the rest of the youth at the beach for pictures. I have many more of these, just not on my camera; therefore, I must wait.
After we all packed up and checked out of the hotel, we headed for Ihop. Mm, I certainly love breakfast at any hour of the day. We also checked out the Tanger outlet malls, where they just opened a brand spankin' new f21! It was amazement. I purchased a super adorable ring which I was post tomorrow. On the trip home, my cousin Morgan and I rode the guys bus home. It was so much fun. We rode it because the girls were super hyped and I was tired. We had an interesting ride home, that's for sure.
Now I am home, in the comfort of my own bed, about to watch the back of my eyelids for awhile.
Enjoy your Sunday bloggers,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I and Love and You

To start off this blog, I will suggest a wonderful, beyond spectatcular song. Regina Spektor; live, learn, and love her.

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately, much has been going on. Between rehearsals, school work, church, and friends I have no time. It also won't help that I applied for a job at The Yogurt Lab Sunday. I am super excited, it's my first ever application. Yay! I really hope I get the job, keep your fingers crossed!

Hm  hm hmmmm,
So my cousin Morgan turned 17 on Friday. We were planning to go to P.F. Changs when a giant stretch Escalade Limo pulled up to her driveway for us! We all screamed and immediately ran out the door! It was amazing. After we ate the limo driver took up to the Justin Bieber premier. It was hilarious. Every single girl outside thought we were J.Biebs himself! They started rushing to the limo, flashing cameras, screaming, crying, and even bowing down! For 2 minutes, we got to embrace what it felt like to be a star. I hated it. Haha. Then we we finally opened the limo door, the driver whipped out the red carpet to walk out on!! How great?! The entire crowd started booing us for playing that trick. I died laughing. On top of all that, we got the entire movie theatre to sing happy birthday to my cousin. Needless to say, it was an extremely memorable night! Pictures will be posted soon!

Well lovelies, I must venture into the world of dreaming. I am bushed.

Until next time,

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What's On My Mind?

1. Valentines Day
Is next Monday. Hmph, it's been like 3 years since I've had someone to share it with and this year will make it 4. Awesome. Usually I get really upset over it, but honeslty, that gets me nowhere. This year I am believing that this holiday isn't just for spending it with a boyfriend or girlfriend, but anyone you love, including yourself. This year, I will buy myself a box of chocolates, tell myself I am beautiful, and tell my family & friends how much I love them. This year, yeah it's going to be different. 
2. Moby Dick! The Musical

I know I've talked about it for like 3 months now, but I am just so excited about this musical. This is the first major roll I have had in a production, I am so so nervous, but luckily I have an awesome cast to back me up. I love my cast members, each and every one of them. If you happen to be in Concord, NC this March, you should come on down to see us perform. I have faith that it will be wonderful. (:
3. Winter Youth Retreat
Every year in February my youth group goes to Winter Youth Retreat in Myrtle Beach, SC (WYR). This experience is always so much fun! Spending quality time with your youth, at the beach and during church services is the best. It's a tradition now that upon our arrival, we throw ourselves into the freezing cold ocean, since our hotel is ocean front! And if you don't want to get wet, well you better get that idea out of your mind because we have no problem assisting you to the water. (;
4. Colleges!

Since Tuesday of last week, I have recieved 10 requests from colleges. It's really exciting to know that some of them are really interested in me. I even got one from WCU, which is exactly where I want to go! I still haven't personally visited any of them, but come spring break, you can bet your bottom dollar I will be! It's so hard to believe that I have less than a semester before I can call myself a Senior. I'm actually quite scared. I plan on graudating in January instead of June, so I can get a job and raise money for college stuff. Fun fun.

5. Best Friends

I'd be lost without you guys <3.


Monday, February 7, 2011

From his perspective, everything is made new

This song and this song have touched me so much tonight, just wanted to introduce you!
I think my youth group might do them for their service. I might sing with my good buddy J'waye for Heaven on Earth. Who knows. (:

Goodnight Bloggers,


So last Tuesday were my auditions for Moby Dick! The Musical, I sang Maybe The Time from Caberet.
I guess it worked because I GOT THE PART <3
I will be playing Esta, Ahab's wife, for the production. This is the first name role I have gotten, and I have a good amount of lines too! Plus, I "kill myself" and get to come back and sing as a ghost! Now who gets to say they've done that? No one, that's right.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

I don't wanna just make love. I wanna make love last.


It's been a good while since I've blogged, a ton has been going on with this new semester. Chemistry is not fun children, not fun at all.
During this past week I have discovered the following things; (yes, this is a list, don't judge)
* Creating choreography is much, much harder than it seems.
*Auditions for Moby Dick! The Musical weren't as terrifying as I thought they would be.
* My parents suck at enforcing my "grounding"
*Baby formula stains don't come out of jean skirts unless you scrub for everrrr.
*My room was a lot dirtier that I remember
*Cleaning my filthy room was way harder than I anticipated.
*Skype fails.
*Glee is the cutest show ever.
*I think I might minor in theatre.
*Having a best friend in Michigan, and you living in North Carolina really blows.
*I haven't been reading as much, and it's sad.
*Chemistry will be one of the most challenging classes I've ever taken.
*You can never rely on a guy, unless they're your boyfriend. Maybe not even then.
*Arguing is pointless.
*I use photography to escape reality.
* Annnnd, this list is far to long.

Alrighty bloggers, I think that's all I've been up to. How has your weekend been? I'd love to hear about it!
Have a lovely night and even greater tomorrow.