Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And I'll Smile Inside

To know that you're completely mine.

That is a lyric from The Wedding Song by Angus and Julia Stone. True, it is a cover. But it is a darn good one at that! Honestly, I want this to be my "first dance" song. Is that cliche? Oh well.
Angus and Julia do more than covers, but they also do an impeccable version of "You're The One That I Want" from Grease!
Basically I posted this just to share that music with someone. I hope you find it as enjoyable as I do!
Comment and tell me how you like it, if you have similar artists, or anything you think about music. I like to be introduced to different things.


You're Gonna Miss This

Blogger's picture quality gives these pictures no justice to what Kenzie Faith can do with a camera. 
Anyways, these are my senior pictures for the Class of 2012! Honestly, I cannot even fathom how old I truly am. My life just keeps speeding by, and to be honest, sometimes I feel like I can't keep up! Nevertheless, I am completely stoked to be finishing high school. I will miss it though. The hallways, the books, the teachers, the crummy cafeteria food, the smoldering hot football games, our Nuttie section, missing the bus, the smell of the band room, theatre, and all my friends. I know I like to let myself think that all my high school friends will last with me forever, but now I know that isn't the case. I do hope I stay in touch with all of them though. They are truly great people. 

Northwest Cabarrus High School, Class of 2012; It's our time to shine. 


Monday, July 25, 2011

Leave It To Me

To not know how to use a Mac computer.
I was trying to save pictures from a facebook album onto the computer, but it saves the entire page and not just the picture! Talk about annoying. :(
I was going to use those pictures for this blog post, but since I have none, I guess I will just ask you..

Puhllleeaasseeee, if anyone knows anything about Macs; HELP.

I am a desperate Kelsey.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Oh, I Am Breaking Down

Thought of the Day:
When I lose a friend or someone dear to me, not necessarily through death, I kinda miss the bond we shared. I mean, who wouldn't miss that comfortable feeling with a person? Where we could talk for hours about everything and anything, not having a problem at all with the silence in the middle. Can't forget all the ridiculous stuff we did. Stupid or not, everything was just so fun. Endless nights, real talks, the "remember whens" I remember it all. And it's funny what life does, how it could just give you things and take it away so soon. I really can't get it into my head that you grow distant from the people, and that good things come to an end sooner or later. I want to find that one person that will forever stay with me, just for comfort purposes. To know that I can trust them with anything and everything, that they'll never abandoned me. Along the way though,  I have learned one thing about life, it goes on. You just gotta pick yourself up, and learn to keep up.

That's been on my mind recently. Ponder it for awhile, and tell me what you think/how you feel about similar situations. (:


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Someday, I'm Gonna Steal Your Heart Away

Food for thought :
What if love isn't a yes-or-no question? It's not either you're in love or you're not. I mean, aren't there different levels? And maybe these things, like words and expectations and whatever, don't go on top of the love. Maybe it's like a map and they all have their own place. And then when you see, you see it from the sky.

That is my "wisdom" for the day. I don't really know why, but I woke up thinking about it this morning er...afternoon, and decided to blog about it.
Today is going to be a day filled with glorious nothingness. And I'm not even being sarcastic. I have been doing So.Much.Stuff for the past month, and I am so thankful to have nothing on my agenda all week long. Plans for me consist of :
1. Sleeping.
2. Eating.
3. Playing with my pets.
4. Laying on the hammock.
5. Tanning.
6. More eating.
7. Music.
8. Piano.
9. Reading.
10. More Sleeping.
I will vicariously live through myself for the next week, and it will be wonderful.

Have a blissful, lazy day bloggers.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

FOR HIS GLORY- Albion Camp 2011

From the start of this entire trip, these girls have been wonderful. I rode with Rebekah (the middle one) in the van to Indiana. We clicked withing the first 5 minutes. If you couldn't tell, they are fraternal twins. TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE (; Both of them are very, very dear to me and were the biggest contributing factor to me having the most amazing time at camp. I love them with all my heart :D

This youth group right here, are amazing individuals. All of them aren't pictured though :( They accepted me into their "family" just like I'd always been there. The boy in the yellow shirt (Rhett) and the boy in the red, (Richard) BOTH received the Holy Ghost at camp. I was so happy for them!
Speaking of services, God moved so much in every service! Brother Smith, Bow, and Archer each delivered valuable words of God to me each service.
My favorite messages were titled "The Great Escape" , peached by Brother Bow; and "Delilah Doesn't Love You", preached by Brother Kevin Archer. 
The Great Escape was talking about being bound by something for so long. There's always that one little thing that the devil binds you with, keeping you from breaking free at the altar. I let go of the past that night, and I am NEVER looking back.
Delilah Doesn't Love You was talking about the story in the bible of Sampson & Delilah. In a short recap, Sampson was a Hebrew who had long hair which was his strength, and to put it in simple terms..loved the ladies. Delilah was a beautiful woman of another denomination, who Sampson fell for. Her people ordered her to find out Sampson's weakness by convincing him that she loved him. Sampson eventually revealed to Delilah that if he were to be shaven, all his strength would be gone. She waited for Sampson to fall asleep, and then ordered her people in to shave him, taking away God's gift of strength to him.
The lesson in this was that there will be one person or more in your life that you believe you are madly in love with. But the truth is..that person is Delilah, and Delilah doesn't love you. In the bible it said "Sampson loved her" but never did it once say "Delilah loved him." I cried that morning at the altar, and it was glorious.

I made so many wonderful new friends at this camp, everyone was so genuine and nice. I really cannot wait to return!
Dicing onions in the kitchen, like champs.

Proud of our girls on the front row in church! (:

Look at that leetle baby face (:

Makin' our first friend at camp !         (Holly) ^


Hope this wasn't a boring post!

Friday, July 1, 2011

& I'm off!


Yeah, I know, Indiana isn't the greatest tourist destination. But it's out of Concord, which is all I ask! It is a 14 hour drive though, WOMP.

 I'm going to a church camp with my sister's youth group for a week; beginning Sunday, and ending next Saturday. I am really stoked, actually. I will probably be nervous when I get there though. The last time I went to this church camp, I was 6 years old...so not many people know me. Oh well, I hope to make plenty of friends!

Gathering outfits for this camp was a tiresome task, let me tell you. Over 4 hours of changing my mind, getting annoyed, throwing clothes all over my room, and running up an down the stairs to resurrect old outfits. Finally though, I am packed. I would call myself a bit of a over-packer...considering I have a separate suitcase for shoes, clothes, and hair amenities. And I don't mean little duffle bags either. I mean full on, rolling suitcases. What can I say though, I like being prepared!

A severe downer of this trip is that I have NO INTERNET CONNECTION. Therefore, I cannot blog about my experiences until I return! Hopefully I will have lots of photo ops. and great stories to share with you all! If you have the slightest clue as to what to do for fun in Indiana, please don't be shy about telling me.