Saturday, March 19, 2011

It Was Love At Second Sight

So this wonderful weekend I had a sleepover with my two amazing friends, Chessa & Mikaella.
I love them so much it's insane. We had rehearsal Friday and afterwards Chessa's mommy dropped us off at Mik's. Our friend Andrew was there which made it that much more fun. Halfway through eating pizza we hear a familiar sound-The ice cream truck. We jumped up, grabbed $5 and ran completely barefoot through the feilds and streets searching for that truck. We would stop and hear it, but it sounded like it was on a completely different street. We were devistated, but Mikaella's older sister, Mariah, offered to take us all to BiLo to get some popsicles. On the way walking back to the house, we stopped in Lole's house because Mikaella had to pee. And we all love Lole, so it's good to visit. He was invited to come with us, so he did. It was a fun time. We got back home and just chilled outside for awhile. Riding the scooter over and over again. I miss being a little kid.
We then went inside and got on the computers. Yes, compterS. Mikaella's family has like 4 of them. No joke. We all started talking about random things, and eventually took some extremely creepy photos on her webcam. I love them all. Sadly I do not have them, but I will have them posted soon enough!
Andrew left at around midnight, so Me, Mik, and Chessa went to the bedroom and decided it was time for our routine sleepover "girl talk." You know, boys, drama, home, etc. We also gave back massages and listened to some music. It was so much fun, I laugh so much with them. We fell asleep around 3:30am. Not bad, haha.

The next morning we woke up at 9:45, having to meet the cast at Dirty Bo's (Bojangles) at 10. We literally got ready in like, 10 minutes. We all met up to eat breakfast before today's rehearsal. It was really nice. I love my cast, each and everyone of them. Then we all piled in Matt's van and headed to the school for our 12-6 rehearsal. It went sooooo well. I am really thinking the show is coming together now. I love it so much.
I forgot my lines in one of my solo's, but got hugs afterwards for trying. I love how close I am to my theatre family. We all call our director (Mrs. Rassler) "mom" because we see her SO OFTEN. I wouldn't change a thing about this rehearsal. Loved it.

Then, I went to Chessa's house after rehearsal for like 30 minutes while my mom was on her way to get me. It was pretty chill, we just vented a little, looked at some prom dresses. You know, girl stuff. Prom is stressing me out SO badly. It's horrible, but I think after I get the dress everything will be more chill. Hopefully anyway.

Sorry this blog was obnoxiously long. OH, I forgot one thing! I am pretty sure I get to see Fun. in concert this May <3 I love them, look them up and you will too. Promise.

Well I will leave you be now followers,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Today Was A Fairytale

It really was close to it.
You know how in my last post I was talking about my "prom" charming coming along?
Coinscidence? Maybe fate? Who knows?
Anyways, I was asked to prom today by Dylan Metz. (: He is suuuuper sweet.
We met in the library today and were supposed to be looking for books. We started walking towards the shelves when he said "I did find this one..." and whipped out a huge book. He then opened it to a random page that said "Kelsey, PROM? -Dylan(: "
Obviously I said yes! We hugged, then had to go to class, counting we were already late.
Best reason for a tardy, EVER.
I really didn't think I was going to get asked to prom. Like I had my mind set on it.
But I did(: And it was the cutest thing I've ever witnessed.
I cannot wait until May, this will probably be the best prom ever.
Jello dancing the night away.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Don't You Know That I Belong Arm In Arm With You, Baby?

*Raindrops by Regina Spektor : Check it outtt. Everything by Regina ia purely genius & adorable. You will fall in love, promise(:
*So prom is in less than 2 months. Whoop-di-do. I have no date. blek.
My dad is like "if you have no boy, why are you going?" Real nice dad. I HAVE FRIENDS.
*Anyways. I am in a pretty fantastic mood today. My voice is completely gone which blows, but hey worse could happen.
Hmm, what else to talk about?
*Well we got progress reports today, I have all A's and one B in Chemistry. I call that a success.
*In theatre II today we staged our self-written children plays. "Weather or Not" is the title of my groups.
For the entire class I sat backstage with Dylan and we played with a toy car from inside a Lucky Charms box. Can you say perfect? I think so.
I love playing with childish toys. I am still a kid, right?
*Hm, I really wish a guy would ask me to prom. I know it's silly, but it just feels right ya know? To have a guy with you, to dance with, and to get you punch (Captain Stereotype Speaking). Even if we are just friends, just for a guy to gain up the courage to ask me, says a lot.
Maybe my "prom charming" will come along before May rolls around.
Pfffht, who am I kidding?
*I feel like I'm rambling, but I am really just in a wonderful mood.
*I go to the wonderful Orthodontist tomorrow. Braces? Yes sadly.
I won't be recieving my metal mouth until a further notice, but tomorrow is my "prep session." Joyous.
I absolutely refuse to give up my gum chewing, it is like crack for me.
When in a sticky situation, I chew my gum furiously. Not like, obnoxious smacking though. I hate that.
*Well it looks like I have ran out of things to blog about, so until the next time bloggers!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

As Daddy said, life is 95% anticipation

I miss summer so much. Seriously, it makes me sick.
1. I miss hanging out with my youth group. Ice skating, getting ice cream, rock-a-thons, youth camps, all that jazz.
2. I miss going on vacation && being TAN.
3. Mostly, I miss colorgurd. I have no life without it, and it's horrible.

I guess Summer is coming soon, today though, it's rainy. I also have no voice. Awesome.
* Pick out/purchase a prom dress in my budget.
* Choose/memorize monologue for Musical Theatre auditions
* Memorize monoluge for Theatre II
* Memorize and feel comfortable with lines for Moby Dick.
* Get hair trimmed and permed.
* Break a wineglass with only my voice ( Help from Chessa & Mikealla)
* Organize my closet completely
* Get my permit finally.
* Get back into the habit of playing piano
* Pay off band fee from last year
* Perform Moby Dick in less than a month
* Stage miniature plays in Theatre II
* Visit colleges

Let's see how all of this goes, hmm.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You Think I'm Weak, I Think You're Wrong

Hello Dear Bloggers,
These are the pictures from my Myrtle Beach trip with the youth. Sorry it took so long! I have been booked with rehearsals. Yesterday I didn't leave my school until 7:45pm! I had rehearsal until 5, then curriculum night. I was asked to talk to the rising freshmen about theatre along with some of my friends from theatre. I love those kids. We decided to do costumes, and obviously we picked the most appropriate theme. PIRATES. Oh and a random dinosaur hat along with an alligator. Our station was right next to the bands (our rivalry). Although we are friendly to each other, there is an obvious competition between the two electives.  It was a good time. I don't believe I've laughed so much in one night.

Moby Dick is coming along well. We are finally finishing up with learning the music. It's very challenging, but so worth it. We have choreographed most of the songs. Performances are in less than a month! Nervous? I think so!

This is random, but if you listen to Pandora Radio you should add a "Andrew Belle" station. You will get some amazing music out of it, promise!

Until Next Time!
xoxo, Kelsey.