Saturday, December 31, 2011

Party For One, Please?

(Sweater : Forever 21, Mustard Skirt: Forever 21. Awkward Legs: oh yeah, those are mine.)

Today I learned how to do 2 new things : Set up a tripod, and shoot a 22' Rifle. Completely different things right? Both were equally awesome.
Seeing as it's New Year's Eve, I guess I could list a few things that I plan to do in 2012.
2. Finally get my license
3. Be faithful to blogging
4. Participate in more charitable functions
5. Help my parents more around the house.
What are your "resolutions"

Now, I'm not big on partying for New Years, but this year I did a silly little something to get in the spirit of new beginnings.

I will always find an excuse for a party hat. Even if I'm chillen by myself. (:

Happy New Year, bloggers!

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